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Welcome to Anxiety Treatment Bristol

PerformWell is Bristol's leading Anxiety Treatment practice. It is run by Paul Burden MSc, an experienced practitioner of a variety of specialist anxiety treatments to help those suffering from anxiety.

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Paul Burden MSc.
Personal Performance Coach
Stress & Anxiety Specialist
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Anxiety and Stress

The challenge these days for many professionals is to reach and maintain the high level of performance that they or others expect, whilst at the same time avoiding the associated anxiety, stress, burnout and frustration.

However, keeping our minds free from these negative emotions is fundamental if we are to reach the optimal personal performance we seek.

Being constantly exposed to such frequent or intense negative feelings can really damage our enjoyment of life and threaten the high levels of personal performance we've worked so hard to build, not to mention the effects on our mental health.

A European Champion’s Anxiety Relief

I'd stopped believing in myself and started suffering from anxiety and depression which had a further knock on effect on my diet and sleep creating a vicious cycle.

I urge anyone who is suffering from motivational from motivational or self belief problems to seek his help. The way he has aided me with my swimming is immeasurable.

- Phil Muspratt
World Record Holder
European Champion