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Anxiety Treatment Testimonials

Here are a selection of recent case studies/testimonials for PerformWell’s anxiety treatment service. As I’m sure you can appreciate, many of our clients choose to remain anonymous, in which case we have simply used their career positions as indicators.

 I’d stopped believing in myself and started suffering from anxiety and depression which had a further knock on effect on my diet and sleep creating a vicious cycle.
I urge anyone who is suffering from motivational from motivational or self belief problems to seek his help. The way he has aided me with my swimming is immeasurable.
- Phil Muspratt
World Record Holder
European Champion
Paul has a gift for helping people improve…
- Global Sales Director
I truly feel I have been released from many things that have been holding me back
- UK Marketing Manager
At work the exhaustion has gone. I have had a lot of pressure but feel I am much more back to me! The difference makes me realise how knackered I was! I have no intention of stopping work now. My energy is coming back and I guess I have the kinda life that needs it!
- UK Director
Absolutely brilliant – having big probs sleeping – at one point went about 2 wks without sleep. No apparent reason as to why. Signed off work by doctor – climbing the walls and very unsettling for my partner as she could not sleep for worrying about me. Never in the world did I think that I would need something like this to help me, but was at my wits end and I found them on the internet. Two sessions was all it took and now I am sleeping peacefully. Would certainly recommend to anyone and if I ever need them again I would return without any hesitation